Where Are You

There comes a time in our lives when we wonder if we are where we are supposed to be. We struggle with our circumstances, feeling that somewhere somehow along the way, we missed the boat. After an in depth analysis of our situation, we conclude that we have forfeited an opportunity to advance to the next stage of our lives. it is at this time that we move into gear seeking to catch up.

Along the journey, we move into the conductors role and begin to direct the symphony of our own lives. It doesn’t take us long to find out that the instruments are out of tune, the notes are flat, and the music arrangement is all wrong. What was once in God’s hands. we have now taken over. We realize the mistake early on, but refuse to let go of the reins.

As we sit in the director’s chair, we fail to realize that all of the decisions we make are actions are contrary to what we know to be true. We learn that there is a time for everything. There is also a designated moment in our lives when everything is designed to take place. No matter how hard we try to move things along, we will not reach that mark until it is our time.

It is a difficult tasks to find happiness where you are if you feel that you are supposed to be further along in your life. Often times we seek so much more, but we learn that finding peace and joy where you are is where you will find your reward. Yes, sometimes you may feel that you have stopped short of your destiny, but rest assured that when your time comes. you will know it.

Instead of focusing on where you think you should be in your life, find joy where you are. Life is too short and you cannot afford to have precious moments pass you by because you are constantly searching for something else. Yes, faith without works is dead and you must press on if you plan to accomplish what you set out to do. But know that sometimes there may be a pause in the plan. It is at this time that you must remain faithful, grateful, and watchful for your next move.