A walk through a day can be as exhausting as a daily workout routine. Not because of the physical activity or limitations, but as a direct result of life’s circumstances that weigh you down. The ongoing challenges that you must face and the impending disappointments that pass your way, entangle you in a bout of foolishness that you would rather avoid. One thing after another, tugging and pulling at you leaves you exasperated, frustrated, and


You have used every ounce of strength that you have inside of you just to get through each day. The hope you once had that the cycle would end, just preceded yet another whirlwind of events seemingly spiraling out of control. The struggle becomes more than you can imagine. Medication, mantras, and affirmations became a necessity. Searching the Internet on how to deal with your circumstance, visiting the self help isle of the bookstore, and seeking support from your best friend become your routine. The moment you rise up and find the courage to smile, the ball comes crashing down and once again, you find yourself


You have to get your drive back. The drive to simply exist must be your first priority, then the healing can begin. Rise up against your own insecurities and judgments about yourself. Resist the urge to give in to the circumstances that threaten your survival. Wake up and call on the One who created you and meditate on His Word and purpose for your life. Take a deep breath and breathe in the peacefulness that comes with knowing you will be okay and that this too, as they say, will pass.