Be Excellent In Everything and Expect It All Around You

We often wonder why our lives fall short of reflecting where we feel we should be at this very moment. We seek change and often assume the responsibility of fixing ourselves. Which, of course, is a very essential pathway to the greatness you aspire to bring into your life.But what happens when you work on changing yourself and the people, things, and circumstances around you are less than excellent? It may take some time to realize that if you try to be excellent in an environment that is less than the latter, you may find yourself frustrated and less than satisfied.

There must be an expectation that is communicated through your walk, your talk and everything else about you that says you live up to a certain standard and some things will just not be tolerated! Whether it be our personal relationships, our friendships, our jobs or other areas in our lives, the excellent factor begins in you, and must be communicated by you in every aspect of your life. The standard says “I am who God says I am.” “I am a conqueror.” I was made in His image.” When you find that you fall short of this confidence, remember that when you are weak, “God takes over”

So with this in your spirit you are armed with a walk and talk that says, “I am excellent and if you want to be around me, you must be excellent too!” Expect this when you wake up in the morning and start your day. Prepare your heart, mind, and spirit to take on the day knowing that every conflict has already been mediated. Expect this as you enter the workplace knowing that struggle has been made easy. Expect this in your home knowing that every battle has already been won.

You must make your life what you want it to be. Seek out excellence. If everything around you is not excellent, neither will you be. Instead you may spend your time wondering why not you. You may feel that you are undeserving of such a life. You may begin to accept less, put up with more and end up denying what is rightfully yours. God owns it all and is waiting for you to actualize your potential and realize that you must stop at nothing to experience true excellence in your life.

You want a new job? Go after it! Fill out the application, exercise your faith and believe to the highest knowing that with God all things are possible. Are you living in a dead relationship? Bring it back to life. Open your spirit and allow God to bring about the beautiful relationship that He has intended for you. Have you been bothered by conflicts in your life? Believe in the power of God to move in those situations for you.

There is no more time for excuses. The time is now and the stakes are high. Know that your life is not just about you.You are here to serve a purpose. Being excellent is about the God in you. Being excellent will not only change your life, but those around you. Someone is waiting for you to heal for they will need your help to survive a crises. A job is waiting on you to apply for they are in need of your skills to change the world. A young person is waiting on you to grow for they will need your example to follow.

You will not live up to your potential by focusing on why your life is not where you want it to be, but by allowing the greatness that God has placed in you to impact the world around you. Be excellent in everything and expect it all around you.

What does excellence look like in your life?


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