You applied to  the school you’ve wanted to attend ever since you were a child and have heard not a word. You spent weeks on that job application only to find that you have no chance because no one knows who you are.  You submitted you manuscript to every publisher that you could afford but no one has picked up your book. That home you have always dreamed of owning still sits welcoming homebuyers every day but you have yet to receive a phone call.
What do you do when you have done your part? One answer, one strategy, one word….WAIT.
Refuse to give in to the temptation to give up. Do not allow yourself to get discouraged during the process. Wait on that thing that is for you. It will come. Keep from living the dreams of others, taking opportunities that are not for you. The school, job, book, or house has your name on it. Do not sell yourself short and miss your opportunity altogether.
What do you do while you wait? Do Your Work.
Keep with what you know to do. Refrain from becoming idle and getting caught up in being still to where you do nothing. Being still does not mean become paralyzed but instead when you have done you’re part, get out of the way and let God do his. Until that blessing that you have been waiting for comes through, get up, keep moving, do what you now to do and let God do the rest.
Kim Seymore