Shielding the Spirit From Disappointment 

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On a rare occasion, optimism has won over your usual pessimistic outlook. Your spirits are high and for once you feel like you are worth something; as soon as this one thing works out.

You have done the research, put in the leg work, and put just about all of your eggs in one basket. You heard the promise; or so you thought. Needless to say you began making plans in your mind, almost to the point of obsessing, about the inevitable good news.

Then, the all too familiar disappointment followed by a drop in your spirit.

This one outcome has caused you to feel, in some way inferior, latching on to the thoughts that if you WERE this way or that way, or if you had SAID this or that, or even if you HAD this or that, the outcome would be different.

In those moments, we fail to realize that it was not supposed to work according to our plan. Yes, we understand that there is a high power working in our favor and we believe that there is a certain course that our life must take. But in moments of disappointment, where do we really stand?

Because it is our spirit that has the capacity to be vibrant and free, we must seek to protect it from the woes of disappointment. It is the hope of our spirit that sheds light in dark places. It is our spirit that can help heal a broken heart, mend relationships, and provide the spiritual capital to accomplish our life goals. Without the beauty that is the spirit, we often find ourselves alone, in desolate places.

We must understand the value of the spirit in our lives; so much so that we will not allow it to be damaged by the disappointments in our lives.

It is our spirit that picks us back up and says try again

It is our spirit that says we can win at any cost

It is our spirit that keeps us strong even when we are weak

It is our spirit that remind us  of who we are and what we are here to do

It is our spirit that reflects our true worth back to us even when we feel less than adequate

When disappointments arise in our lives, if we continue to nurture the spirit we will find that not only are we worthy of greatness but that we can withstand the trials that come on the way to our triumph.

©2017 Kim Seymore                                         


One thought on “Shielding the Spirit From Disappointment 

  1. As HIS spirit leads us then we shall follow and be at peace like a river as HE leads us beside the still waters and restores our soul.


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