When It Seems Like Too Much

At some time or another, we may all experience great joy and happiness and also great pain and sadness. While the highs fill our spirits and fuel our hopes, the lows threaten our resolve and accompany that emptiness in the pit of our stomachs that keeps us in a constant state of anxiety.

While one moment you experience a brief calm, the next moment you are overtaken by something so strong that you begin to wonder if you will get through it. You know the pain: the death of a loved one, discord within your relationship, a child gone off course, loss of a job, disappointing news, financial struggles, the list goes on. Whatever your experience, it is an unmistakable feeling that things are not lining up.

Perhaps the most gut wrenching part is that in many cases, you have no answers and seemingly no control over the situation. In the night hours as you cry and pray, wondering what the outcome will be, you allow yourself to become more and more consumed with the problem.

A relative once told me that there is nothing that will come your way that you cannot handle. But in times of struggle, it is difficult to think or even believe that this too shall pass and that the promises of God will prevail.

What I have learned in times of struggle is that regardless of what you do, the hard times will come and they will come with a vengeance without any kind of concern for you, your family, who you are, or where you are trying to go. It just works to destroy, EVERYTHING. Once you come to terms with the fact that things will happen that threaten to take your very breath away., you can begin to prepare yourself.

Below are a few things that I have learned throughout the years as I have gone through struggles of my own:

1. Develop and maintain a strong relationship with God. Study the word and prayer often

2. Some things will only be resolved through fasting and praying

3. Be a light to those around you and an example of Gods word EVERYDAY

4. Make sure that you are communing with other believes

5. Share the word with your children and make sure that everyone in your house is on the same page

6. Silence the noise in your life to hear the voice of God

7. Have Faith and believe

8. Find a few go to scriptures that you can reflect on when the feeling in the pit of your stomach comes

9. Know the promises of God

10. Never give up on what you know to be true through God’s word

©️ May 2018 Kim Seymore