How Should You Proceed?

Growth can be such a strange thing. Especially when your circumstances makes you wonder if you have grown at all. Let’s face it, we all come to the point every now and then when we feel that we are stuck and can’t seem to find our way out.

If things in your world have got you at a stand still and you are wondering how to proceed. take.note of the following.

The beauty that is in you IS you. It should reflect in everything that you say and do. The hurts, disappointments, frustrations and setbacks should never be aloud to determine your presence in any situation.

Proceed through any uncomfortable or undesirable situation with caution. But do not allow fear to overtake you and certainly do not allow the judgement of others to stifle who you are.

Stay firmly planted in what you believe and stand up for yourself with your morals and values as the foundation. Refuse to conceal your talents, gifts and your contribution to the world.

How you proceed should always reflect the beauty of who you are which is the rue essence of who you were created to be and what you were created to do.

©️Kimberly Seymore June 2018


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