Power in Your Struggle

The storms of your life are raging and there never seems to be an end to the turmoil that you are going through. One thing after another interrupts your world like a roaring hurricane slamming into the shores of your life . You once thought you were equipped to handle the pain, disappointment, fear, and loss,; only to find out that your capacity to survive in the moment was limited and somewhat conditional.

You must build up your stamina to fight in the moment. There is often no time to waist between the unfortunate circumstance and the actions, if any, that you must take. A constant routine of prayer, scripture reading and meditating on the Word will get you to the door of peace, even in the midst of the struggle.

Strengthening your faith and understanding the power it brings to the resolution of your situation will aid you in your fight if you are struggling to believe in the power of God, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage..

Be open to healing as it will present an opportunity for growth. Never underestimate the purpose of your chosen path. While your present understanding may be limited, your steps are crucial in the process. Know that there is power in who you are becoming, where you are going, and how you will get there.

©️ March 2019 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore