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The journey to healing is slow and its success is contingent on your ability to navigate the waves of emotions that continue to resurface in times of uncertainty. With or without your permission, your strength dwindles in moments when you need it the most. Often times, your faith in something better seems to be out of your reach as the belief that things will stay the same dominate the present.

How then, does the process of healing bring you to the place in your journey where you can see and know that true progress is taking place? The promise is in the small steps and this is where we need to land our focus. Whether it be one day, one hour or one second that you feel hope for a better life experience, you must see it as progress. Failing to notice the small moments of relief from life’s hurts, disappointments, shame and defeat, will serve to delay your progress.

Your hope should be grounded in what is true about the promises of GOD. It is not HIS WILL for us to succumb to the pressures of life’s challenges. We must find our strength to endure in HIS WORD. We must also understand who we are and what our purpose is here on this earth. We must be grounded in our true selves, the gifts that we have been given and the power that we posses to carry out our life’s purpose. Our ability to fulfill our roll in this big world will come in the process of progress.

We must commit to the process of growth, even in our low moments. The end goal must always be the focus, This will guide our steps and guard against feelings of defeat, failure and despair. Along the journey, we must see our own value and worth. Once we internalize who we are, then we can begin to make decisions that align with who we are becoming. Until then, we will remain ‘stuck’ in an endless loop of self defeat, which will in turn give the perception that we are failing.

Slow progress is often mistaken for a setback but in actuality, each step that we take in the right direction is progress even if we have a few missteps along the way. Perhaps the most important thing that we must do is to stay committed to the process. When we start the journey of growth, self discovery, self love, self care and self respect are the key components to knowing yourself. Listen to the inner voice that speaks so clearly about who you truly are. Write it down so that you will not forget. In moments of doubt reflect on those things and know that progress is in motion.

©️ December 2021 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore