Because Each Day Seems Like the One Before.

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It is a new day and you awake feeling refreshed, inspired and empowered to embrace the presence of hope and take on the challenges of the day. You complete your morning routine; prayer, meditation, exercise, set your intention and get started with your day. From the first few moments, everything goes well. No real issues arise and you seem to possess the strength, will and necessary tools to face your day. Then….

Out of nowhere you realize that something is off. A close reflection of the first few moments of your day gave no indication that something was wrong. You cannot put your finger on it but something has changed. You continue to move forward with your day, because life does not stop just because you have a sense that you are no longer in the sane ‘slay the day’ space that you were at the start of your day.

As if on cue your mind begins to go back over the early part of your morning to see what could have happened to cause the sudden shift in emotion that you have begun to feel. This, all while you try to continue on with your day with a business as usual attitude. From your recollection, everything was fine before you walked into the grind of your day. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. You just do not feel as secure, confident, strong inspired and empowered as you had earlier during your day. What happened?

It is very important to understand your emotions and how they work. As women, we are called out consistently for being overly emotional in some or all of the roles that we play in our daily lives. In order to ensure our success, we must learn not only to control our emotions but to understand them in the context of our personal and professional relationships. We must shine a light on our own emotional interactions with ourselves. What we say, think and do in relation to how we feel about ourselves has a huge impact on how we show up emotionally in the world .

Somewhere between the start to your day and the present moment, you experienced an emotional shift from a positive and empowering perspective to a more solemn state where uncertainly has settled. The reasons for this can be many. It may be obvious as to what caused the shift or it may be a total mystery. Whether or not there was a preceding event that you can recollect, if you want get back in the space that you were when you began your day, you will need to decide to make another emotional shift and regain your grasp on the day. If not, the success that you crave may fall short or be significantly delayed altogether.

Take a few moments to tend to yourself. What are you feeling at the present moment? Are there any events that took place that could have had an influence on your emotions? If so, what is the connection between the event and your current emotional state? Is the event real or imagined? What are you telling yourself about what you are feeling? Is what you are telling yourself true or untrue? Getting a hold of your feelings about an event or perceived event is important as you work your way out of your current undesired emotional state. Reflection is important so that you do not allow everything to keep pilling on top of each other making it more difficult to uncover what the issue really is. It will be easier to address your emotions as they come, then to wait until you have to sift through a myriad of emotions and events to find the core of what you are really experiencing.

Self care is a major part of personal growth. The road to achieving the life you desire is rocky with many twist and turns. Your mind and emotions will not always align and you will definitely experience days when you wonder if you are still on the right road or not. Until you work to understand and manage your emotions, you will find yourself experiencing emotional highs and lows at critical times when you need your focus the most. In addition, if you choose not to tend to your emotional you can run the risk of falling back into a more unhealthy state of emotional turmoil that is more difficult to resolve.

Throughout the day, in the moments when you feel the shift, take a step back. First, understand that it is ok that in this moment, you are not necessary where you want to be emotionally. Then, take steps to resolve any emotions that are having a negative impact on your day. After that, decide what kind of day you choose to have, then move forward with purpose. This process can be shortened or lengthened as needed and to the extent that your emotions are managing your day instead of you managing your emotions.

It is important to learn the art of stepping away for a few moments in your day to tend to your self care in a way that will not significantly impact your work performance. An important fact to remember is that if you choose not to address your emotions, they will impact your day regardless so taking a few moments when needed can be very impactful. At the end of the day, take another moment to reflect according to your need to ensure that you have resolved any issues from the day to set a clean slate for the following day. With intention, practice and consistency, you will be able to better manage your emotions which will impact how you show up in the world around you.

@ Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore December 22, 2021