When you learn to use the power to decide

Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com

Your life is a reflection of your experiences, choices and decisions. While some things seem to just ‘happen’ to you, the majority of circumstances speak the language of which road you decided to take when you had the opportunity to decide.

Let’s take this very valuable moment and recognize that while some of our decisions were spot on, looking back, others were quite the opposite. But what about when you lack the consistency with making decisions in your life that will add value to who you are becoming?

I am not speaking of those routine decisions that you make every day and have become more of a ritual than a decision…I’m talking about those times when your decisions do more to pacify someone else than a representation of your true self.

When we make decisions about our own life for the benefit of others, we neglect our own worth. In earlier experiences the impact on our own self esteem may not be noticeable but over time, resentment sets in, often towards the individual or individuals whom we are seeking to satisfy.

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So, How Do We Reverse This Cycle!

The power to decide is a weapon in our arsenal in the fight against low self esteem.

The power of ‘No’ sets us free to the degree that we allow it. Being able to say no when everyone expects us to say yes sheds a light on the value we place on our own lives.

The Power to Decide

The power to decide speaks volumes in the process of pursuing our life goals. Deciding instead of having people decide for us all but guarantees power over our own circumstances.


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