Finding Time to Start a Business

The numbers are climbing as women of today are working a full time job in addition to starting their own businesses. Who has the time, if you work, have a spouse, and young children? Nevertheless, women who have these very same life characteristics are researching and branching out into entrepreneurship.

If you have ever entertained the idea of starting a business while you still hold a job, below are a few suggestions:

1. Decode on and research the type of business you want to run (i.e credentials , certifications, etc.)

2. Communicate your aspirations with your family to gauge their level of support. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do

3. Connect with experts in the area that you are interested in

4. Consider virtual social media marketing (even if you will run a local establishment)

5. Check out the competition and learn what you can about their success

6. Set SMART goals

7. Connect with a mentor or coach in your area of interest

8. Decide your ultimate goal for your business. Will you go full time or continue your job? If full time what will it take to get here. If part-time, how will you manage your time in both places?

9. Prioritize your life responsibilities and use a planner or some type of scheduler to optimize work/life balance

10. Stay healthy. Eat well. Exercise regularly

11. Believe in yourself and your abilities

©️2017 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore

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Find Your Platform

The desire to inspire others is becoming more prevalent in today’s society Let’s face it, we all have a story! Some of us would rather just let agreeing dogs lie and maybe for good reason. Some of us share bits and pieces only when necessary. Some of us desire to share our story to help others but just don’t know how to get started.

Whether you want to share your story or if you would prefer to empower others with your words, voice, wisdom or some other gift, you must have a platform.

I use Periscope TV as a platform to inspire and empower my followers.

Below are a few tips that will help you get acclimated to using Periscope to interact with your followers:

***Create an engaging title that will get the attention of your viewers**+

1. Find a quiet place to broadcast with no distractions or background noise

2. Take a few seconds before you begin sharing your content to welcome your viewers. Tell them about who you are and what your do.

3. Ask your viewers to swipe and share with their followers

4. Begin delivering your content

6. Periodically, take a moment to thank those that are tuned into your broadcast

7.Answer questions relevant to your content

8. Block users immediately that make inappropriate comments but don’t allow them to get you off of your topic. Keep going

9. When you end your content, thank viewers for tuning in and share contact info such as website, Facebook, etc. Take caution when sharing personal Facebook page. I suggest you create a separate page. Remind viewers to turn their notifications on.

As you gain followers, take note of when they are most likely to be on Periscope.View broadcasts of others with the same interests. Try to decide on a regular schedule to broadcast so your followers know when you are on.

Finally, it takes time to build a following. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have followers or viewers even after several broadcasts. Continue your work. The right people who are waiting to hear you will show up at the right time.

©️ December 2017 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore

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International Day of the Girl 2017

As women, sometimes we underestimate who we are , what we can do and why we are here. We wonder if we are strong enough, smart enough and if we are a worthy participant in this world of challenging times.

We question our skills, our abilities, and our accomplishments as we think more deeply about our troubles than about our place in the world. Through our uncertainties, our failure to believe, and the inconsistencies in our lives, we limit the possibilities.

On this International Day of the Girl 2017, first know how awesome you truly are , regardless of what your circumstances may say. Second, may you know that in your life, whether in your household, your job, or even the grocery store, there is a girl watching you. It is my hope that you would know how important you are to that girl.

Today, I challenge you to walk with your head up, shoulders back and look every person that you speak to in the eye as you model the woman of excellence that you are. Refuse to allow the woes of your day to interfere with the light that you are in the world. Remember she is watching you.

Today set an example of hope and promise in the life of a girl. Let her see the compassion, knowledge, and strength of a woman. Through you let her see that she can accomplish anything if she works hard enough.

You may be the only example that she see. You may be the only example that she looks for. You may be the only chance that she has at becoming even a shadow of an excellent woman one day .

Today, for every girl in your life, let her know how beautiful, special, and gifted she is . Tell her she is worthy and significant in spite of a bad day. Help her to see hope for her future. You may never know but because of you she just may decide to live her dreams.

Never Give In

Frustration, hurt and pain plague our very existence and we find ourselves wondering why, how. and what next. All of this comes at the most inopportune moments when we have used up every bit of energy that we have left.

Our life at a standstill, our hope deflating and our resolve at an all time low; we worry that we will not be able to keep up and that our will to take one more step will fade away.

These are the enemies of our soul; the very thorn in our side that promises to stay with us making us seemingly powerless to fight.

But it is in this very moment that you must get in there and fight!

As you press forward you must resist the urge to give in to defeat. No matter how worn out you think you are, with the start of every new day, you must know that the battle is not over and the war is not won.

Get back on track to living each day with great anticipation of that which you first had faith for.

….and whatever you do, don’t give in.

©2017 Kim Seymore


This two letter word is so simple to write but often the most difficult for some women to speak. Even when we are tired, stressed, worn out, and overwhelmed, we still give in to the sometimes unreasonable and often untimely requests of others

So how should you respond to yet another “honey do”, “mom can you”, “girls’ night invite” or some other petition for your time, energy and/or effort?

If it is not a time sensitive event or emergency, honor yourself by taking a moment to think before you respond. Assess where you are in your physical, mental and emotional strength.

Do you have enough to give to someone else?

What about your own schedule? Is your schedule already so tight that you barely have a moment to breathe? Are you so drained that you clearly recognize that you need to slow down? Are you already trying to distance yourself from people pleasing behaviors?

I am not at all suggesting that you neglect or decline activities that are important to you or deny your family and friends when they request your help. I am just simply saying that you have the power to choose what goes on in your life and sometimes you just may have to say “no”.

©2017 Kin Seymore

Shielding the Spirit From Disappointment 

tree by window

On a rare occasion, optimism has won over your usual pessimistic outlook. Your spirits are high and for once you feel like you are worth something; as soon as this one thing works out.

You have done the research, put in the leg work, and put just about all of your eggs in one basket. You heard the promise; or so you thought. Needless to say you began making plans in your mind, almost to the point of obsessing, about the inevitable good news.

Then, the all too familiar disappointment followed by a drop in your spirit.

This one outcome has caused you to feel, in some way inferior, latching on to the thoughts that if you WERE this way or that way, or if you had SAID this or that, or even if you HAD this or that, the outcome would be different.

In those moments, we fail to realize that it was not supposed to work according to our plan. Yes, we understand that there is a high power working in our favor and we believe that there is a certain course that our life must take. But in moments of disappointment, where do we really stand?

Because it is our spirit that has the capacity to be vibrant and free, we must seek to protect it from the woes of disappointment. It is the hope of our spirit that sheds light in dark places. It is our spirit that can help heal a broken heart, mend relationships, and provide the spiritual capital to accomplish our life goals. Without the beauty that is the spirit, we often find ourselves alone, in desolate places.

We must understand the value of the spirit in our lives; so much so that we will not allow it to be damaged by the disappointments in our lives.

It is our spirit that picks us back up and says try again

It is our spirit that says we can win at any cost

It is our spirit that keeps us strong even when we are weak

It is our spirit that remind us  of who we are and what we are here to do

It is our spirit that reflects our true worth back to us even when we feel less than adequate

When disappointments arise in our lives, if we continue to nurture the spirit we will find that not only are we worthy of greatness but that we can withstand the trials that come on the way to our triumph.

©2017 Kim Seymore                                         

When Your Worst Enemy is You

Looking at the world around you, it’s easy to get discouraged when things fail to work out the way that you have planned. When you are still in the same place after years of hoping, wishing, and praying for a break through, one can feel defeated. When you get to this point, it’s time to take a closer look at yourself. 

The odds may be against you ever getting a promotions, owning your own business, going back to school, buying a house or a new car. It may seem impossible that you would ever find the perfect mate for you and start a family. It may look like the money will never be right for you to take that vacation you have always wanted to take. Whatever the desire, some things  will only come to pass as you look inward.

Rather than blame the people in your life, lack of money , red tape, politics, or lack of knowledge and skills, take a closer look at yourself. Your dreams are only as strong as you are to see them through. When you come up against an obstacle or barrier in your life, whether it be a person or a particular situation, go to plam B, C, or D. Never give up before you have exhausted all options. 

You can only do this when you know who you are and have confisenxe in your skills and abilities. Greatness comes from within. This means that it is already in you. You don’t have to go searching for how you can be great. Just start to live it everyday’ Take note of every talent, skill, and ability that you have been blessed with. Those are both your weapons in in the fight and your ticket to your dreams.

No one can truly know you as deeply as you know yourself. No longer alow yourself to be negatively affected by others. No longer allow nonsense into your life. When you allow things amd people into your life that don’t line up with your life vision and goals, YOU, not them, are your own worst enemy because you allowed it. 

Understand that sometimes when things fail to work in your favor, you have fallen behind and there is more that you can do. Never stay still, stagnant, or  complacent. You must keep moving towards your goals to be your own cheerleader Do people at a sporting event  cheer the players sitting on the bench? Even the injured players get applause as they limp off the field or wave their hand as a sign that they are ok. If you are paralyzed with fear or ridicule, what do you have to cheer for?

There are enough enemies out in the world and if you look hard enough you may even find some in your circle. But let it not be you. Never be your own worst enemy. Be your biggest cheerleader and  keeep moving towards your goals.

When You Know

Sometimes we get stuck waiting, wondering if that thing that we are called to do will ever come to pass. We fool ourselves into thinking that it must look and sound certain way. Our thoughts become surrounded around what we perceive it should be. So why then does it seem that the opportunity to reach that very part of our life that defines who we are seems so far in the distance. The life we thought we would like to live subsides like the moon slowing giving way to the emergence of the sun. We have heard the Word, embraced the thoughts, and accepted the challenge to move towards our destiny, but it seems that movement will never come. Until you realize….

Who you are and who you are meant to be are one in the same. There will not be a specific moment when the world stops and you shine like the stars against the dark sky. The environment around you may not be ideal and the circumstances that now define your life may be creating more stress than you can imagine. Your children may be out of control and your job may be requiring a greater amount of sacrifice that ever. A doctor’s appointment may have just yielded you helpless with devastating news and a marriage once on the mend may be promptly ending in divorce. Life as you know it may have dealt you a bad hand and the people around you seem convinced of their role to pick and prod at who you have become. So what is it that you already know?

The gifts that have been put deep down inside of you is universal. God puts you in places where you can use what you have been given. Your everyday life is a springboard for your gifts. Use them wisely and you will see your life differently. You will have more control over what bring you joy and how to remove yourself from overwhelming negativity. The Spirit of God in you prompts you to use what you know to influence and impact the world. So when you know what God has for you to do, Begin to use it in your everyday life and watch how your life will change drastically.


Merry Go ‘Round

You thought it was over but the cycle continues. You thought your strength would be the force to keep you focused, grounded in the life you wanted ro live. You had hoped that the things you tried ; going back to school, reading all of those books, going to church more and the like would change your situation. And it did….for a while. But then, it happened again and you found yourself back on that same ride.

The events in your life that you thought you were beyond resurface. That bad relationship hunts you. You don’t have enough money to pay that bill. Your children are out of order. Your job is more demanding than you can handle. You can’t seem to get along with the important people in your life.

Up and down ’round and around, you find yourself under the spell of hurt. disappointment, frustration, and anger. So many emotions fighting each other to be on top. You get caught up. The way out seems narrow and out of your reach. What do you do?

Pray to your Father in Heaven for strength, wisdom, and the courage to make moves in the right direction..

Empower yourself and get back to the things you did to release yourself from the grasp of the enemy in times passed.

Release those people and things in your life from the power to control you.

Get back to doing you.If you have not yet figured out who that is, let that be your first order of business.

Fight like never before for the things you desire, the goals you set, and the life of your dreams

The merry go ’round of life does not end. There will always be struggles, pains, pressures, disappointments, and every other  negative force that you can name. Just remember. If you find yourself back on the  ride, regroup, refocus, and change the direction of your life. You only have one. Live it to the fullest with a representation of your highest self self in daily pursuit of excellence.

Capitalize on It!

As life takes us through many twists and turns, we find ourselves struggling to keep up. Sometimes it seems as if there are more bad days than good. On those bad days, we cannot even pinpoint the struggle, only that our spirits are low. On those days, the sun is shining, there are no heightened situations that need your immediate attention, and essentially, all is well.

But on those bad days, we begin to drift into self defeating thoughts about where we are in our lives and where we want to be. We think about mistakes we’ve made and whether  or not we are living out those consequences. We ponder about whether or not we will achieve the dreams that we have perceived to be ous. Our emotions are unsettled, our spirits hang low, and without warming, we subconsciously withdraw from our life’s work. Unfortunately, those days come far too many times leaving our goals and dreams on the backburner for as long as the mood lasts.

But then, out of nowhere, with no warning, and for no apparent reason, you just feel good. It can be a bright sunny day or impending thunder storms in the forecast. None of that matters, only that your day seems bright, you feel you can do anything, your spirits are high and your soul feels free. So what do you do on those days?

Capitalize on it! Pull out all the stops. Work your tail off. Pull all of those things off the back burner, prioritize your day and take advantage of the spirit in you that says go forth! On the days when you feel your best, be excellent and intentional in all that your do. Do not miss out on any opportunity that you have to  do your life’s work. Take advantage of the feel good day you are having. You don’t know how long it will last or when your next gloomy day will come. Commit your  energy to accomplishing your goals. Do not waste the best day of your life. Get something done in your favor!