Finding Time to Start a Business

The numbers are climbing as women of today are working a full time job in addition to starting their own businesses. Who has the time, if you work, have a spouse, and young children? Nevertheless, women who have these very same life characteristics are researching and branching out into entrepreneurship.

If you have ever entertained the idea of starting a business while you still hold a job, below are a few suggestions:

1. Decode on and research the type of business you want to run (i.e credentials , certifications, etc.)

2. Communicate your aspirations with your family to gauge their level of support. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do

3. Connect with experts in the area that you are interested in

4. Consider virtual social media marketing (even if you will run a local establishment)

5. Check out the competition and learn what you can about their success

6. Set SMART goals

7. Connect with a mentor or coach in your area of interest

8. Decide your ultimate goal for your business. Will you go full time or continue your job? If full time what will it take to get here. If part-time, how will you manage your time in both places?

9. Prioritize your life responsibilities and use a planner or some type of scheduler to optimize work/life balance

10. Stay healthy. Eat well. Exercise regularly

11. Believe in yourself and your abilities

©️2017 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore

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Find Your Platform

The desire to inspire others is becoming more prevalent in today’s society Let’s face it, we all have a story! Some of us would rather just let agreeing dogs lie and maybe for good reason. Some of us share bits and pieces only when necessary. Some of us desire to share our story to help others but just don’t know how to get started.

Whether you want to share your story or if you would prefer to empower others with your words, voice, wisdom or some other gift, you must have a platform.

I use Periscope TV as a platform to inspire and empower my followers.

Below are a few tips that will help you get acclimated to using Periscope to interact with your followers:

***Create an engaging title that will get the attention of your viewers**+

1. Find a quiet place to broadcast with no distractions or background noise

2. Take a few seconds before you begin sharing your content to welcome your viewers. Tell them about who you are and what your do.

3. Ask your viewers to swipe and share with their followers

4. Begin delivering your content

6. Periodically, take a moment to thank those that are tuned into your broadcast

7.Answer questions relevant to your content

8. Block users immediately that make inappropriate comments but don’t allow them to get you off of your topic. Keep going

9. When you end your content, thank viewers for tuning in and share contact info such as website, Facebook, etc. Take caution when sharing personal Facebook page. I suggest you create a separate page. Remind viewers to turn their notifications on.

As you gain followers, take note of when they are most likely to be on Periscope.View broadcasts of others with the same interests. Try to decide on a regular schedule to broadcast so your followers know when you are on.

Finally, it takes time to build a following. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have followers or viewers even after several broadcasts. Continue your work. The right people who are waiting to hear you will show up at the right time.

©️ December 2017 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore

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Mothering Daughters

Let’s face it! Motherhood is a challenge; one that, regardless of the struggles, we would not trade for the world. The beauty of it all is the joy that comes when you are privileged enough to share your love, experiences, and wisdom with the young lady that will someday live the path you both have cultivated and prepared her for.

Once that sweet little baby girl that you dressed in pink back some time ago is now the strong willed, independent young lady who seems to oppose your every suggestion. As the years pass and the days tell the story, you come to realize that your baby girl is or has grown up.

What’s results from here is not always something that you can control as your little lady will take her own path. The most important thing to remember is this….if you build the strong foundation, she will not only always remember where home is in her heart, but she will carry the lessons that you have taught her deep within and will use them as her life unfolds.

Mothering daughters takes an unbelievable amount of strength as you must work to teach her competence, confident, and tenacity amidst the competitive and sometimes cold world. You must model self respect and self love even when you feel empty inside. You must show her how valuable she is regardless of financial status, academic standing, or social relationships. Draw her attention inward to truly understand how authentic beauty is formed and displayed to the world.

You see, mothering daughters is more than just teaching a young lady the ropes of survival. It is more than guiding her in good decision making and staying close when she is hurt. Mothering daughters is about you. Your walk, your talk, and the way that you present yourself to the world will impact your daughters life far beyond what you can see. Innately she learns  to watch you, to listen to you, to pattern her life around the thing that you teach her and how you choose to live. This example will be present throughout her life.

So as you mother your daughter, you must first understand where it all begins and seek ways to be a better you. It’s never too late! A beautiful young lady is watching.

© Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore November 2017


International Day of the Girl 2017

As women, sometimes we underestimate who we are , what we can do and why we are here. We wonder if we are strong enough, smart enough and if we are a worthy participant in this world of challenging times.

We question our skills, our abilities, and our accomplishments as we think more deeply about our troubles than about our place in the world. Through our uncertainties, our failure to believe, and the inconsistencies in our lives, we limit the possibilities.

On this International Day of the Girl 2017, first know how awesome you truly are , regardless of what your circumstances may say. Second, may you know that in your life, whether in your household, your job, or even the grocery store, there is a girl watching you. It is my hope that you would know how important you are to that girl.

Today, I challenge you to walk with your head up, shoulders back and look every person that you speak to in the eye as you model the woman of excellence that you are. Refuse to allow the woes of your day to interfere with the light that you are in the world. Remember she is watching you.

Today set an example of hope and promise in the life of a girl. Let her see the compassion, knowledge, and strength of a woman. Through you let her see that she can accomplish anything if she works hard enough.

You may be the only example that she see. You may be the only example that she looks for. You may be the only chance that she has at becoming even a shadow of an excellent woman one day .

Today, for every girl in your life, let her know how beautiful, special, and gifted she is . Tell her she is worthy and significant in spite of a bad day. Help her to see hope for her future. You may never know but because of you she just may decide to live her dreams.

Never Give In

Frustration, hurt and pain plague our very existence and we find ourselves wondering why, how. and what next. All of this comes at the most inopportune moments when we have used up every bit of energy that we have left.

Our life at a standstill, our hope deflating and our resolve at an all time low; we worry that we will not be able to keep up and that our will to take one more step will fade away.

These are the enemies of our soul; the very thorn in our side that promises to stay with us making us seemingly powerless to fight.

But it is in this very moment that you must get in there and fight!

As you press forward you must resist the urge to give in to defeat. No matter how worn out you think you are, with the start of every new day, you must know that the battle is not over and the war is not won.

Get back on track to living each day with great anticipation of that which you first had faith for.

….and whatever you do, don’t give in.

©2017 Kim Seymore

Let This Day Be….

Lets this day be beautiful, for you we’re given it to live

Let this time in your life be fruitful, for you were placed here for a purpose

Let your words be wise, for you were given something to say

Let your hope be in Him, for He will see

you through

Let your walk be tall, for you are a a part

of His creation

Let your head be up, for you have much to be proud of

Let your world be large, for there is much to do

Let your heart be full of joy, for you are living another day

Let your spirit be at peace, for it has already been worked out

Let your life be yours, for only you can live it

© 2017 Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore

The Cycle

Things often begin with all of the bells and whistles of a new exciting thing in your life

Often enough you fail to recognize anything that will take you off of the road to pure bliss. It is in those early moments that you see much of what you have dreamed of while turning a blind eye to that which you oppose or despise.

You willingly operate within the cycle even before you know that the ride has begun. It is only after a series of undesirable circumstances, second guessing, researching, questioning, and analyzing that you realize that what is playing out in your life is not what you desire but what you would have never hoped for your life in a million years.

By the time you really take note of your life’s course, you are often months or years into it making the options few. It is at this moment that you realize that your freedom is no longer as you fall deeper into the cycle.

You allow others to say and do as they please in your life

You do not speak up for what you want or


You accept judgement and criticism as

if it were who you are

You let your own desires go unmet

You fail to do for yourself

You walk on eggs shells

You fear being alone

You stay in the same situation expecting everything to be different

You allow nonsense into your life

Over and Over and Over again.

The cycle continues.

© Kim Seymore

Life Teaches Us

Life teaches us that we must take charge of the things happen around us. Once we grow and mature, we must no longer take the easy way out of blaming others for our conditions, circumstances, failures and every other negative situation that is apparent in our lives. While our surroundings may play a part or be a contributing factor, we are ultimately responsible for our own life outcomes.

Life teaches us to speak up for what we desire and how we want our lives to take shape. We must not waste time seeking to change people around us because that is far beyond our reach and out of our control. We must embrace the power within us to change things around us so that we are living out a life that is true to who we are. As that life begins to take shape, we will draw those people and things that will support and enhance our desired life.

Life teaches us that while change is good, it is often one of the most difficult aspects of life to maneuver. As you look at your life and all of its baggage, good and bad; take purposeful steps to live in sync with your purpose. But remember that not everyone around you is where you are. You must exercise patience and compassion as you move throughout each day. Start to pattern your life according to your life goals and remember that your behavior, character, walk, and talk will be the deciding factor of whether or not the people around you will change.

Life teaches us that the people around us are not perfect and neither are we. We have a responsibility to live a life worthy of our life’s purpose. This includes being a conduit of love in all areas of our lives; with the absence of criticism and judgement. As we live out our lives, we will see the results we are looking for when we extend ourselves beyond who we have been.

Life teaches us that we certainly deserve to live the life that we desire but it also teaches us to be compassionate and understanding as we walk in the light through love. As you seek to embrace all that life has taught you, remember, the lessons are ongoing and when you feel that you have arrived, you are just beginning. Allow life to continue to teach you to live a life full of love for others, for that is what life is all about.

© 2017 Kim Seymore

The Beauty in Every New Day

The beauty in every new day is that the opportunity for you to live intentionally is still present. Regardless of every struggle, setback, obstacle, or pain, you have been given the light of day to seek to see clearly how you should live out your life on purpose.

Before the start of each day, commit to spending time in quiet meditation to focus your mind on the most important tasks of the day.  Seek to prioritize so that you will eliminate the possibility of stress and frustration. Bring order to the chaos that often erupts when you fail to plan.

Walk throughout your day with a spirit of gratitude not underestimating the blessing that you have been given to live, to move, and to breathe in this day. Set out to be excellent in every word that you speak, every step that you take, and every action that you participate in. Be an example of how to embrace the beauty in every new day!

© 2017 Kim Seymore

Domestic Violence – Join In the Fight

Domestic Violence is still prevalent in our society today but unfortunately, we have yet to heal all of the wounds and scars that both women and men suffer as a result. There are many efforts and many people who support such efforts but we still see the presence and the effects that these incidents have on families all across the world. What should we do when we hear of the many individuals who are abused on a daily basis? Continue to stand up and fight for those who may have gone silent and have lost the will to fight.
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that at an average rate, nearly 20 individuals in the span of a minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. With over 10 million women and men suffering from domestic abuse  during one year, there is a need for people to step up and speak out. 
What can you do?
  • Become a volunteer at a local shelter
  • Contact a local support group or organization and find out how you can get involved
  • Make monetary donations
  • Donate needed items to shelters
  • Speak up again domestic violence in your community
  • Encourage your Human Resources department to provide resources to employees
  • If you witness abuse Call 911
  • Support legislation that enforces consequences against abusers
  • Encourage family, friends, and co-workers who may be in abusive situations to see help or contact a local shelter
Never think that there is nothing that you can do. You can be the voice for someone close to you or even someone who you have never met or will never meet in your lifetime. Your voice and your actions can make all the difference for someone who is suffering. Take a stand today. Speak up for those who have gone silent.
© 2017 Kimberly Seymore Inspired Serenity by Kim Seymore

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