When Things Come Together

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The vision of your dreams often comes years before they even show up in your life. The promise of a new business, a lavish home, an exotic vacation or the perfect mate can waver in your spirit over a period of years. In fact, it is very easy to dismiss, disregard, or even forget about the dreams that show up when your life appears to be most powerless to support them.
During these times, it does not mean that your dreams are not real or that we are living in a fantasy world. Looking at things from this perspective will cause you to waver in your talents, gifts, skills, and the power of God in your life. The dream must live on even when it seems unlikely or quite impossible that it would come true.

During these times, do what you know to do. Follow the path that leads in that direction. If you get off course, regain your composure, reset your mind and get back to the work of creating the life that you desire. Things may not look like your dreams for a very long time. In fact, you may feel frustrated, angry, or even silly for thinking that you could live such a life. But do not allow these moments to deter you.
When you have done the work and have reached a place where you can begin to see the shadow of your dreams, stop and take a moment to reflect. Look back on all of the events in your life. You may realize that much of it was to prepare you for the day when things would come together. The frustrations, failures, failed relationships, lost jobs, and financial hardships all prepared you for this day. You must celebrate where you are but remember where you came from. This humility will keep you honest and place a higher value on what you have before you.
When it all comes together, know that your life was worth the fight and that for the next time that things do not look like they should, revisit that place again that let’s you know that things will all come together again.
© Kim Seymore  June 2017



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